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Educational Projects ​​​​​​​(PT/EN)

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Just spread the word as organically as possible. 

With our  Focus Course you too can earn

Tell people about the Course, share your link with them and for each purchase made through your link, earn 10% commission.

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Receive Income

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Inspire Others

​​​​​​​Just by spreading the word about this simple and effective Course you are being of great service to all. Earning a commission is an added bonus.

The System is Simple

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Save Time

Important Notice:

We will require a receipt from you whenever you receive our commissions, since we are required to declare commissions.

Also, if you do not reside in Portugal, we will need you to send us something called a Model 21 RFI document (digital), which states that you are a non-resident in Portugal and therefore we do not need to retain a percentage of your commission. You can get this document easily from your local Tax authority.  If you need any further clarification on this please contact us​​​​​​​

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